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Elloria is the brainchild of Brett Suthers. Elloria came to be as a result of the merging of 2 projects, Southern Oracle Designs and Brett Suthers Photography.

Southern Oracle Designs originated as a place for me to display my personal Graphic Design work. Word soon spread and Southern Oracle Designs developed a loyal client base by providing services such as website design, logo design, business card and stationary printing and other multi media projects.

Brett Suthers Photography was created as a hub for me to display my photography. As is true with a lot of photographers, I had amassed a large library of beautiful landscape, nature and portrait images and never really had a place to show case my work.

The worlds of Graphic Design and Photography are heavily intertwined allowing me to flawlessly blend my 2 passions together.

Brett Portrait-1

The origin of Elloria

Unlike Southern Oracle Designs (Southern Oracle is the name of the killer statues in The Never Ending Story) and Brett Suthers Photography (shamelessly named after myself), Elloria has personal meaning to me. It is the joining of my 2 gorgeous daughters names, Ella and Georgia. Originally it was going to be Ellorgia to stay true to the spelling but by removing the g Elloria has a much softer feel.

A little about Brett Suthers

I have always had a passion for design. As a child I spent an unimaginable amount of time drawing and sketching anything that came to mind. It wasn’t until I finished school and was playing in numerous bands that my passion for drawing and designing started to ignite again.

I started designing band logos and simple gig flyers and then merged all of those into designing web layouts for the now infamous MySpace. Designing MySpace layouts, as troublesome as they were, gave me the grounding in web design I needed to start creating full websites for me and my friends bands. Word of mouth made me extremely busy creating websites for all sorts of companies, as we all discovered, the web was the next frontier in corporate advertising as well as being accessible to smaller businesses via their own web sites.

During this period I was working full time as a road painter and decided that it wasn’t the carrer for me. With the encouragement of my girlfriend (now wife), I went and completed a Diploma in Graphics Arts (Design) and went on to further that with an Advanced Diploma in Graphic Design.

Currently I am teaching webdesign for the Graphic Design Diploma and Advanced Diploma at Chisholm Institute.